Sembuwatha Lake

So yesterday, my family and I spent the day at the Sembuwatha Lake. It was all just too beautiful for me to not share it on here with you guys! ๐Ÿ™‚

The lake is located in a city called Matale, which is around 25 km from Kandy. The lake is created from a natural spring and it is on the western part of The Knuckles mountain range.ย (I never even knew there was a mountain range up here!)

The area is ideal for a relaxing, taking amazing photographs, sightseeing, having nature walks and just having one on one time with mother nature!ย Im still finding it hard to believe that this huge lake was on top of a huge huge mountain.

And now for the pictures.

As I mentioned earlier, the lake is on top of a mountain. It took us around 30-45 minutes to drive all the way to the top of it, the narrow roads did make it kind of difficult, but its a beautiful drive. Though the sky was gloomy, lucky for us it only drizzled a little.

(All pictures were taken from my iPhone camera)

IMG_5707 IMG_5720IMG_5714

This was while driving up the mountain, very green and beautiful.

IMG_5716On the mountain, there was a little village with a temple and small houses around. There were such adorable children standing by the road waving at me saying byeee. Such cheerful children living life at its simplest!

If you look closely into this picture, you’ll be able to tell that they were still waving at us even after we drove way past them! Haha โค

IMG_5718I don’t know what happened here really. But I have a feeling a mudslide or boulder destroyed the roof of this house, and it has just been abandoned.

IMG_5721My little brother ruining what could’ve been a a gorgeous panoramic view!

So we finally reached the lake, and let me just tell you. It really is the prettiest lake Ive ever seen ever!

IMG_5735Cold and misty, surrounded by tea plants on one side and pine trees on the other and many little huts around to either have a packed lunch, or a barbecue. The lake is said to be around 35 feet deep so it isn’t allowed to swim in there.

BUT, they do have a swimming pool which is filled with the same spring water for people who want to have a swim. The water was super cold!

IMG_5737IMG_5820IMG_5765IMG_5775Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetI couldn’t resist finding myself a rock to sit on to dip my feet in the water. There were many mini fish and I even spotted a tiny water snake!

IMG_5823IMG_5767IMG_5762IMG_5827As you can tell, one entire side of the lake is surrounded by tea plantation.

IMG_5833After spending the entire afternoon there, it was sadly time to leave to go back home! Definitely visiting this lake again next summer and might even set a campsite up for the night!

My pictures definitely do not do much justice to how beautiful it looks in reality.

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