Seven Sins of Beauty/ TAG

Ive been tagged once again by the lovely blogger Naznin to do the Seven Sins of Beauty TAG! Click here to check her amazing post out and give her some love 🙂 (Thanks for the tag again N!)

Lets just jump right into it then!

1. GREED – What is your most inexpensive and expensive beauty product?

It definitely wasn’t easy to think of prices and pick the most inexpensive beauty product I own BUT, if I’m not mistaken I think its the Garnier Roll-on Anti-dark circles Corrector which I got for around AED 15 (i think!)

I don’t use this on its own, but on top of my concealer for a little highlight which I do quite like. Its very light on the skin and easy to blend. Using it on its own is pretty good too but it doesn’t conceal very well thats why I prefer to use it as a highlighter sorta thing you get me?

IMG_4571My most expensive beauty product is a fairly recent purchase I have to say. Its the Dior Addict Lip Experts Duo. I bought it from duty-free when I was coming back to Dubai from Sri Lanka, it was for $70 which is AED250 🙂

The first of the duo is the ‘Lip Maximizer’ which I’m not sure how i feel about just yet because I’ve got full lips already.. but hey maybe a review on it in the future perhaps? And the second is the ‘Lip Glow’ which I’m pretty excited to try out! Its a balm which enhances the natural lip colour, it claims to react with the ‘chemistry of your lip’ to create a very unique shade. Ive been keen on trying this one out for a long time and when I saw it in duty-free I just couldn’t resist really.


2. WRATH – What beauty product do you have a love-hate relationship with?

Definitely Bronzers!

I love using bronzers, but I feel like its either a hit or miss! It could either look super amazing or super messy. I got this Bourjois bronzer and I love it to bits! But sometimes I just don’t. It just doesn’t seem to look right at times 😦 Im still learning how to contour and make bronzers look good!

Its a really good product tho.


3. GLUTTONY – What are your most delicious beauty products?

My current favourite Body Shop products! Strawberry Body Puree and the Moringa Body Butter ❤ They smell so good you would want to eat them!

The Strawberry Body Puree is perfect to have on the go because its cute and tiny and smells so so good aaaand its easily absorbed into the skin as its very thin! The Body butter on the other hand just smells so divine and its perfect for after showers as the smell lingers on 🙂

Honestly though, I love all their body butters. They are all amazing and smell so so so good!

IMG_4598 IMG_4601

4. SLOTH – What beauty product do you neglect due to laziness?

I do understand how important it is, but I always forget to use lip balm, yes lip balm.  Sometimes I remember it right after applying my lipstick which is just bad bad timing.

I tend to either use Maybelline Baby Lips or the Neutrogena 6 hour Protection. I like using Baby lips on its own because of the sheer tint of colour it gives off, but I got the Neutrogena one for actually moisturising my lips haha. BUT GUESS WHAT? I barely use the two even though I know how important it is.

(PS I got the Neutrogena one purely based on Naznins review of it!)

IMG_4585 IMG_4587

5. PRIDE – What beauty product gives you the most self-confidence?

Undoubtedly Eyeliner! Theres nothing like the confidence a perfect winged liner gives you really. I have to admit I’m not the best at it, but I do try my bestest and I do love it a lot. I love using liquid liners but the occasional gel liner is pretty nice as well 🙂 I usually tend to put eyeliner on the top rather than the waterline as I hate removing it and I hate the smudge party that happens on there just drives me cray crayyyy.


My favourite eyeliners at the moment are :

Maybelline Master Precise liquid eyeliner in Black – This ones my current every-day eyeliner as its super quick and easy to apply. It has a thin felt tip which I sure love and the formula is long lasting as well!

Givenchy Parad’Eyes Fluid Eyeliner in Dream in Black – This baby has a brush applicator, also easy to use and long lasting but it does definitely need some practice to perfect.

 Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real Push-up liner – The eyeliner that took the beauty world right into a whirl. This gel liner is a dream to apply, I love it to bits! Im so glad I convinced my mom to buy it (she doesn’t know that Ive taken it from her makeup pouch muahaha). This liner does not budge once dried and is hell to remove unless you’ve got a real good eye makeup remover! 

6. LUST – What attributes do you find most attractive in the opposite sex?

Quite possibly the weirdest question out of the bunch as it is so not beauty related. But what I do find attractive in a guy is his height (obviously tall), sense of style, sense of humour, open-mindedness and theres a whole lot more where that came from but lets just leave it at that now shall we 😛 Hahah

7. ENVY– What products would you most like to receive as a gift? 

Now, Ive been eyeing a whole lot of things recently so Im just going to list out 5 of them otherwise the list will go on and on forever! Hahaha, I don’t have specific preferences as jewellery or perfume that I would love to receive as gifts but just random goodies that Ive been swooning over lately. (You could just click on the links to check out the actual thing, don’t blame me if you get sucked in and lost in the website)

1. Tiffany and Co Rubedo bracelet, this is just one bracelet that Ive been eyeing and lusting over for the longest time! Isn’t it just gorgeous? I could lust over their website for years.

2. A Pandora Bracelet, Ive always wanted one of these bracelets so I could buy charms for it at different parts of my life just for the fun of it and the memories it would bring 🙂 Its just the cutest idea!

3. The Lockit handbag by Louis Vuitton in the shade Magnolia or Quetsche (whatever you please). I am a handbag JUNKIE and if you know me in person you’d know how crazy I am about handbags. I can just never have enough really. PLUS, this is from their recent collection and its called ‘Special Handbags’ – all the more reason for me to want it even more! 

4. All three Naked Palettes by Urban Decay! I only own the Naked Basics palette and Id definitely love to own the fabulous trio to add to my sad sad collection. 

5. A huge box of Macarons. Preferably Lauduree but I would most definitely love to be gifted one huge box of cute colourful macarons! YESSSSS YUM.

And thats the end of this TAG!

I tag every blogger out there who took the time to read my post! Do have fun and link me with your post because Id love to read it ❤


4 thoughts on “Seven Sins of Beauty/ TAG

  1. neenz87 says:

    Yay!. You did the tag so fast :). Loved reading your answers. Man, that Dior product looks amazing but it’s soo expensive!. Definitely would love your review on that. That Bourjois bronzer’s packaging looks like that of chocolate!. I never seen it before. It’s so pretty!. I’ve smelt both Strawberry Body Puree and the Moringa Body Butter and I totally agree with you!. Love their smell..

    It’s so cool you bought that Neutrogena lip balm!. It’s lovely isn’t it?. Girl, you gotta use lip balms more. Pretty eyeliners that you mentioned. Haven’t tried any of them though. Haha!. Your lust answer is hilarious :P.. I do wish for an LV bag!. The one you linked is very pretty.. Alright!.. Loong comment hehe!.. Thanks again for doing the tag!

    • daaniaf says:

      Thanks for the tag! I enjoyed doing it 🙂

      The Dior products each cost around 180 in Sephora so I don’t feel AS bad for spending 250 on them both hehehehe! The Bourjois bronzer actually looks like a chocolate bar on the inside too! 😀

      I like the Neutrogena lip balm is very light and easy to apply, I’m not a fan of the taste though I don’t know why! I guess I don’t like the sweet taste it has ahhaha but I know i should get in the habit of using lip balms more often :p I tend to use vaseline on my lips more than actual lip balm!

      Thanks again for the tag Naz ❤ Heres hoping we get an LV bag in the future huh 😉

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